12 long distance relationship advice every girl should know (2023)

12 long distance relationship advice every girl should know (1)

Are you currently in a long-distance relationship and having trouble adjusting? Are you happy and in love with someone miles away from you, or are you just surviving and desperately holding on? If you answered yes to either of these two questions, then this article is perfect to help you make that challenging commitment and stay true to it.

Here are some pieces of long distancerelationship advicefor girls in love.

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12 long distance relationship advice every girl should know

1. Sometimes being overly clingy can suffocate your partner.

Being overly clingy isn't cute, and your partner might think it is until they start realizing it can be stifling. Instead, give them the space and time they need to do other things outside of your relationship. You need to grow as a person and as an independent adult.

2. When in an argument, listen to understand, not to retaliate.

They are in a relationship, not participants from opposing debate teams. When you're in the middle of an argument, no matter how small or big, you need to listen. Take the time to understand what they have to say and don't do it so you can mount a strong counterattack. Make solving the problem a priorityinstead oftry to win the fight.

3. Stop acting like a damsel in distress and be independent.

If you want to be taken seriously, stop pretending to be a weak and vulnerable woman. Instead, be who you are: strong, independent, and have the power to achieve your dreams. This is important, especially if you are in a long-distance relationship.

Sometimes it can be lonely and some situations can make you unhappy. However, don't let that stop you from having fun and achieving your own goals. More importantly, don't wait for anyone, not even your partner, to help you achieve your dreams.

4. Don't go to bed without having resolved an argument or argument.

It's sad to go to bed knowing that you're both hurting just because nobody's strong enough to admit their mistakes. But don't let your pride or ego decide what happens in your relationship. Sure, you can always sleep it off and face the issue the next day, but how do you think it will affect your relationship in the long run?

5. Don't neglect the other aspects of your life.

Your life shouldn't revolve around your partner and it shouldn't just focus on your relationship. You have much more to offer the world than just your feelings about being in love.

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You also have a lot more to achieve, so instead of sulking in bed and drowning in the loneliness of missing your significant other, focus your attention on being more productive.

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6. When in doubt, always choose to be honest and truthful.

Don't know what to say to your partner about something you've done that could make them angry at you? There is a simple and effective way to deal with this situation: be honest about how you feel and tell the truth.

Tell them why you did what you did and how it made you feel after realizing you did something wrong.

7. Don't let your insecurities get the best of you.

Yes, you are not the most beautiful person in the world to you, but your partner will have a different opinion. To her, you are perfect in your imperfect way. You may have your flaws, but the day they told you they were in love with you was the same day they accepted every quirk, weirdness, and weirdness you have in you — so don't walk around and be jealous of the new people they meet every day. Don't let your insecurities convince you to doubt your partner's love.

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8. Don't expect everything to be the same as before.

Now that you are in a long distance relationship you need to accept the reality that things are about to change. You won't see them or talk to them whenever you want. You will meet new people in your life and may focus on your career first, especially if that's why you left in the first place. Don't feel abandoned or taken for granted because it's not her fault and it's not yours either. Just be patient and embrace these changes.

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9. Sometimes your partner doesn't need a lover, they need a friend.

Sometimes all they need is someone to listen and be their friend, especially when things aren't going their way. So be there as a listener and as a supportive best friend. Let them know that they are not alone and that you will always be there for them during difficult times.

10. In the early stages of LDR, give your partner time to adjust.

If you're still trying to adjust to a new long-distance relationship, you need to recognize that your partner is also experiencing the same anxiety and insecurities as you are. So be each other's strength and try to give yourself the time and space you need to adjust to these sudden changes in your life as a couple.

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11. Text and call back - no excuses.

Yes, you can't always answer their calls or send them endless text messages like you used to, but don't make it an excuse for not doing your part as a partner. Instead, call them back, text them, and tell them why you're replying late. Don't make her worry about you and never make her feel alone by ignoring her attempts to talk to you.

12. Don't get tired of waiting.

Never give up on your relationship just because you think you're tired of waiting for them to come back. Instead, be patient and give them a chance to grow, even if it means spending time away from you. When it's true love, the wait will always be worth it, so be strong.

It takes a great deal of maturity to commit to a long distance relationship, so no matter how many times you fail, think it's part of the process. You don't have to rush to become a perfect girlfriend. Take your time and learn from every lesson on this journey. Much luck!

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