Anastrozole 1a Pharma 1 mg film -coated tablets 60 hours (2023)

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PZN 07789019
Offerer 1 A Pharma GmbH
Package 60st
Package n A
Dosage form Film -coated
Product name Anastrozol-1a Pharma 1mg
Monopachabakus And
Active substance Anastrozole
Prescription And
Pharmacy And

Additional description


Contents:60 pieces



Application notes

  • Try to take your tablet every day at the same time.
  • Swallow the tablet with water as a whole.
  • It doesn't matter whether you take the tablet in front of, during or after a meal.
  • Always take the drug exactly after consultation with your doctor or pharmacist.Ask your doctor or pharmacist if you are not sure.
    • The recommended dose is 1 tablet once a day.
  • Application in children and adolescents
    • The drug should not be used in children and adolescents.
  • Duration of the application
    • Take in the medicine as long as your doctor or pharmacist recommends it.Treatment is long -term therapy and it may be that you have to take the medicine for several years.Ask your doctor or pharmacist if you are not sure.
  • If you have taken a larger amount than you should
    • If you have taken a larger amount than you should, please notify your doctor immediately.
  • If you have forgotten taking it
    • If you have forgotten taking it, take the next dose like normal.
    • Do not take the double dose (2 tablets at once) if you have forgotten the prior intake.
  • If you cancel the intake
    • Do not break off your tablets unless your doctor recommends it.
  • If you have any further questions about the application of the drug, ask your doctor, pharmacist or medical staff.

application areas

  • The drug contains an active ingredient called anastrozole.This belongs to a group of drugs called "aromata seemmer".It is used to treat breast cancer in women after menopause.
  • The medicine works by reducing the amount of hormone estrogen produced by its body.This is done by inhibiting a natural substance (an enzyme) in your body, which is called "aromatase".

Mode of action

How does the ingredient of the medicine work?

The active ingredient anastrozole belongs to the group of aromatase inhibitors and is used to treat postmenopausal women with breast cancer.The effect is based on the inhibition of the enzyme aromatase, which plays an important role in the formation of estrogens.The inhibition of aromatase inhibits the conversion of androgens into estrogens and thus prevents the growth of hormone -dependent tumor cells.

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Based on 1 piece

1 mg anastrozole

+ Carboxymethylar, sodium salt type A

+ Cellulose, Mikrocristal

+ Hyprolose

+ Lactose 1--------

+ Lactose

+ Magnesium stair (Ph. EUR.) [Plant]

+ Opadry II, white

+ Lactose 1--------

+ Hypromellose

+ Macrogol 4000

+ Titan dioxide

+ Silicon dioxide, high dispers

0.02 mmol operated Natiiumionionionionionionion

0.47 mg total sodium ion

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  • The medicine must not be taken
    • if you are allergic to Anastrozole or one of the other components of this drug.
    • If you are pregnant or breastfeed (see category "pregnancy notice").
  • Do not take the medicine if one of the above points applies to you.If you are unsure, ask your doctor or pharmacist before taking the medicine.

Side effects

  • Like all medicines, this medicine can have side effects, but which do not have to occur with everyone.
  • Stop taking it and urgently in medical treatment if you occur with you one of the following serious but very rare side effects:
    • A very serious skin reaction with ulcers and blisters on the skin.This is referred to as "Stevens-Johnson syndrome".
    • Allergic (hypersensitivity) reactions with swelling of the throat that can cause swallowing or breathing difficulties.This reaction is called "angioedema".
  • Very frequent side effects (affect more than 1 treated of 10)
    • Headache.
    • Heat flashes.
    • Nausea.
    • Skin rash.
    • Joint pain or stiffness.
    • Inflammation in the joints (arthritis).
    • Weakness.
    • Acceptance of the bone density (osteoporosis).
  • Common side effects (affect 1 to 10 treated of 100)
    • Loss of appetite.
    • Increased or high values of a fatty substance in your blood, which is called cholesterol.This can be determined by a blood test.
    • Sleepiness.
    • Carpal tunnel syndrome (tingling, pain, coldness, weakness in parts of the hand).
    • Tingling, tingling or numbness of the skin, loss of taste or impaired sense of taste.
    • Diarrhea.
    • Vomit.
    • Changes in blood tests that show how well their liver works.
    • Thinner hair (hair loss).
    • Allergic (hypersensitivity) reactions that can also affect face, lips or tongue.
    • Bone pain.
    • Dry vagina.
    • Bleeding from the vagina (usually in the first weeks of treatment - when the bleeding stops, speak to your doctor).
    • Muscle aches.
  • Occasional side effects (concern 1 to 10 treated of 1,000)
    • Changes in special blood tests that show how their liver works (Gamma-GT and Bilirubin).
    • Inflammation of the liver (hepatitis).
    • Rash or hives.
    • Fast finger (a condition in which your finger or thumb stops in a bent position).
    • Increasing calcium levels in your blood.If you occur nausea, vomiting or thirst, you should contact your doctor, pharmacist or medical staff, as your blood values may have to be checked.
  • Rare side effects (affect 1 to 10 treated of 10,000)
    • Rare skin inflammation that can include red spots or bladder formation.
    • Rash, caused by hypersensitivity (the cause can be an allergic or allergy -like reaction).
    • Inflammation of the small blood vessels, which leads to red or violet discoloration of the skin.Very rarely can joint, stomach and kidney pain occur as symptoms;This side effect is called "Purpura Schoenlein-Henoch".
  • Effects on your bones
    • The medicine lowers the amount of the hormone estrogen in your body.This can lower the mineral content of your bones.This allows your bones to lose strength and tend to break faster.Your doctor will treat these risks in accordance with the therapy guidelines to preserve bone health in women after menopause.You should talk to your doctor about the risks and treatment options.
  • If you notice side effects, contact your doctor or pharmacist or medical specialist personnel.This also applies to side effects that are not specified.


  • Taking together with other medicines
    • Inform your doctor or pharmacist if you take other medicines or have recently taken other medicines.This includes medicines that you can buy without a prescription and herbal medicines.The reason for this is that the preparation can influence the effect of some drugs and that some medicines can influence this preparation.
    • Do not take the medicine if you already take one of the following medicines:
      • Certain drugs used to treat breast cancer (selective estrogen receptor modulators), e.g.B. Medicines containing tamoxifen.The reason for this is that these medicines can lead to the preparation no longer acting correctly.
      • Medicines that contain estrogen, as with hormone replacement therapy (HET).
    • If this applies to you, ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice.
    • Talk to your doctor or pharmacist if you take the following medicines:
      • Medicines known as "LHRH Analogon".This includes gonadorelin, buserelin, goserelin, Leuprorelin and triptorelin.These medicines are used to treat breast cancer, certain female (gynecological) diseases and infertility.

Pregnancy information

  • You must not take the medicine if you are pregnant or breastfeed.Break off when you get pregnant and speak to your doctor.
  • Ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice before taking all drugs.


(Video) Dr. Testosterone Warns: You Must Not Smoke Or Drink While On A Steroid Cycle

  • Warnings and Precautions
    • Please speak to your doctor, pharmacist or the medical staff before taking the medicine,
      • If you still have your menstruation and your menopause is not over yet.
      • If you take a medicine that contains tamoxifen or take medicines that contain estrogen (see category "Interactions").
      • If you ever had a disease that affects the strength of your bones (osteoporosis).
      • if you have liver or kidney dysfunction.
    • If you are not sure whether one of the above points applies to you, speak to your doctor or pharmacist before taking it.
    • If you have to go to the hospital, inform the medical staff that you take this medicine.
  • Wateriness and ability to use machines
    • It is unlikely that the preparation will affect the ability to carry a vehicle or operate tools or machines.However, some patients occasionally feel weak or sleepy during treatment.If this occurs with you, ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice.
  • Effects in the event of misuse for doping purposes
    • The application of the drug can lead to positive results for doping controls.

In the case of medicines: Read the package supplement and ask your doctor or pharmacist.


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