Scavenger Hunt answers the mystery of Hogwarts (2023)

Location guide forScavenger Hunt answers the mystery of Hogwartsto get all the clues right rewards! This is a new event and you will see some characters with different scavenger hunts like: Rowan's Case, Penny's Potions, Murphy's Mental Match, Corey's Case, Barnaby's Knarl Tour, Levi's Misplaced Wand!
Scavenger Hunt answers the mystery of Hogwarts (1)
Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery by Jam City, Inc. on iOS and Android devices

Scavenger Hunt answers the mystery of Hogwarts (2)
In Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Scavenger Hunt, you will be given a clue to a clue to a location
There will be 5 clues and it is random for each player, each clue has a slightly longer waiting time until the next one
Scavenger Hunt answers the mystery of Hogwarts (3)
You can “explore” and choose the location that best matches the clue
Scavenger Hunt answers the mystery of Hogwarts (4)
When you're happy with your selection, tap Submit.
After you select a location, the answer will be locked with no further opportunity to change it
Rewards are determined by how many clues are answered correctly =)

Schnitzeljagdführer Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery

Note: location

(Video) Scavenger Hunt Guide Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery

A broken store on Charing Cross Road: Leaky Cauldron
A cozy cabin for a beloved gamekeeper: Hagrid's Cabin
A cross between an attic and an old tea shop: prophecies
A crystal ball would not be out of place here: prophecies
A flat, grassy area perfect for learning to fly: training ground
A long hall - that's all: corridor
A passage connects the rooms: corridor
Here is a portrait of Percival Pratt: Boathouse
A Real Slumberfest: History of Magic
A Safe Haven: Boathouse
A small clearing in the Forbidden Forest: Forest Grove
Said to be as old as Hogsmeade itself: Three Broomsticks
A corridor connecting rooms in a west tower: corridor (west tower)
An ever-changing way to move between floors: Grand Staircase
Are you ready for a moment of revitalization: dressing room
Around the corner from Diagon Alley: Knockturn Alley

Rowans Fall
Scavenger Hunt answers the mystery of Hogwarts (5)
Rowan has discovered something fascinating! Decipher the cryptic clues to solve this puzzle!

Best places in the house for a Quidditch match: Quidditch stands
Fancy a stone cake? You can find some here: Hagrid's Hut
Beware of the Webs: Spider's Lair
Chintz armchairs and little poufs, anyone: prophecies
Near the Hufflepuff common room: kitchens
Come here if you have a cough or a runny nose: Hospital Wing
I don't want anyone to see you down there: Knockturn Alley
Don't let Pitts catch you here: Kitchens
Fancy a bath: Prefect's Bathroom
Grab your broomsticks and gear up for Quidditch: Dressing Room
Grab your school books in Diagon Alley: Flourish & Blotts
Greenhouse Three is a must: Herbalism
Hagrid has strange things growing here: Hagrid's garden
Human visitors are rarely allowed at this camp: Centaur Camp

Penny's Magic Potion
Scavenger Hunt answers the mystery of Hogwarts (6)
Penny needs your help gathering ingredients for a particularly difficult potion. can you find them all

(Video) HARRY POTTER HOGWARTS MYSTERY– Scavenger Hunt, Penny's Potions, All Correct Locations/Answers

I invite you, this place is great for swimming: Lakeshore
I hear a pin drop here: library
I heard a feline animagus teaches this class: Polymorph Class
I hope you know the Bubbble Head spell: Black Lake Underwater
I hope you're dressed to meet Merqueen: Merpeople Village
I predict you will find this place: Divinations
I really see this place in the forest: Forest Lake
I hope you brought your bathing suit: Lakeshore
If you're lucky, you might see a bird catching fire: Dumbledore's office
Is that a chimera I'm seeing: Care of Magical Creatures
Is that a fountain I hear: yard
Is that a teacup with legs on that desk : Charms
It's easy to turn your head here: Grand Staircase
It's time to play Quidditch: Quidditch Pitch

Murphys mentales Match
Scavenger Hunt answers the mystery of Hogwarts (7)
Murphy has challenged you to a competition! Can you decipher his cryptic clues?

Let's arrange a meeting in Classroom 2E: Charms
Manufacturers of fine wands since 382 BC. BC: Ollivander's
Mundungus Fletcher's favorite alley: Knockturn Alley
So to speak, the throne of Murphy McNully: Commentary Box
New students dock here earlier this year: Boathouse
No swearing allowed in this classroom: Defense Against the Dark Arts
One of the coldest classrooms at Hogwarts: Potions
Only 6 visitors per patient please: Hospital Wing
Overdue books are to be returned immediately: Library
Owned and operated by a Dumbledore: Hog's Head Inn
Planted in 1971 to hide a secret passage: Whomping Willow
Practice your spells on the dummies out here: Training Grounds
Rubber duckies, toasters and blenders - oh my god: Muggle Studies
Led by the hilarious Bilton Bilmes: Zonkos
Abrasions and bruises are treated at the Hospital Wing
Here are some well-polished shackles: Filch's office
Stone houses in the middle of the lake: Merpeople Village

Coreys Fall
Scavenger Hunt answers the mystery of Hogwarts (8)
Corey has stumbled upon an intriguing secret! Can you decipher all the clues?

(Video) Penny's Potions Hogwarts Mystery Scavenger Hunt

The best butterbeer in Hogsmeade is here: Three Broomsticks
Home of the Acromantulas: Spider's Lair
The oldest pub in London: Leaky Cauldron
The only place where electricity (sort of) works: Muggle Studies
The owner remembers every item ever sold: Ollivander's
The main selling point of Frog Spawn Soap: Zonkos
The professor is planting seeds of learning here: herbalism
The safest place in the world for everything: Gringotts
The Hogsmeade Social Center: Three Broomsticks
The stars are best seen from this tower: Astronomy Tower
The tallest tower at Hogwarts: Astronomy Tower
The walls are lined with strange concoctions: potions
There could be a forbidden cursed vault here: Forest Grove
There's a Spirit teaching this class: History of Magic
There are many confiscated items here: Filch's office
This is where you will find Supreme Mugwump's office: Dumbledore
Left of a statue of Boris the Confused: Prefect's bathroom
Two golden cat statues stand proud: Polymorph class

Barnabys Knarl-Tour
Scavenger Hunt answers the mystery of Hogwarts (9)
Barnaby needs your help to introduce his pet to new and interesting places! Are your skills as a tour guide up to the challenge?

Look out for this branch: Whomping Willow
Watch out for the Grindylows: Black Lake Underwater
Watch out for the red-capped devil here: Red Cap's Hole
What is the function of a rubber duck: Muggle Studies
What do I see? It's Classroom 3C: Defense Against the Dark Arts
Where to find a pumpkin in Hogwarts: Hagrid's garden
Where our finely feathered friends sleep: Owlery
Where we all gather: Great Hall
Where would you find Jae Kim: Kitchens
Where to go to watch Quidditch matches: Quidditch booths
Who… Who… Who goes there : Owlery

Levi's misplaced wand
Scavenger Hunt answers the mystery of Hogwarts (10)
Levi needs your help to find his misplaced wand! Can you help him retrace his steps?

(Video) Talbott's Prophecy Hogwarts Mystery Scavenger Hunt


Lots of fun people here: Hog's Head Inn
You can attend book signings here: Flourish & Blotts
You can comment on Quidditch here: Comments box
In this open space you can spend your break: Courtyard
You might find treasure down here: Red Cap's Hole
You may know me as Classroom 1B: Transfiguration Class
In this class you may see a dancing pineapple: magic
You can see centaurs fetching water at Forest Lake
You might see Fang among the pumpkins: Hagrid's garden
You might want to invest some time here: Gringotts
You might find a big festival or two here: Great Hall
You should really check out this place: Library
This is where you brew a good time: Potions
On the wall is a portrait of a mermaid: Prefect's bathroom
Lots of creatures to find here: Care of Magical Creatures
In the paintings you will find secret passages: Grand Staircase
You'll have tons of fun at Courtyard
You'll meet the Quidditch team out here playing: Quidditch Pitch


How do you get unlimited energy in Hogwarts mystery? ›

Energy Toffees are rare candies that you may purchase in game. They grant the user unlimited energy for a set amount of time.

How do we get Merula's key answer? ›

Once you defeat Merula, she will hand you her key.

What is a secret keeper Hogwarts mystery answer? ›

It involves the concealment of information inside a living person. The chosen person, or Secret Keeper, is the only person who is thenceforth capable of revealing the protected information to others, however many previously knew it.

Is there a way to get free gems in Hogwarts mystery? ›

Earn Gems by levelling up, winning the House Cup, learning new spells and potions, and more! Gems are used to unlock new accessories, speed up timers, and restore energy.

Are there cheat codes for Hogwarts mystery? ›

8GEPRShTRrRV9Wq - gold. cNLlxfNs30vwkhE - house points. ZgPelcUwPFtH839 - attributes. mqv36wZkv9QmfSV - unlimited energy.

Can you use Avada Kedavra in Hogwarts mystery? ›

For Halloween, a new clip from Hogwarts Legacy confirms that the unforgivable spell Avada Kedavra can be used and details the effect of the Imperium in the game.

Can you befriend Merula? ›

It's difficult to explain without giving away anything, but the short answer is absolutely.

Is Merula Snyde a girl or boy? ›

Merula Synder is a strong-willed yet mean-spirited and cruel girl. She was also a talented young witch who exemplified many of Slytherin's traits, such as cunning, determination and ambition, as well as the negative stereotypes of Slytherin, such as prizing pure-blood supremacy and extreme arrogance.

Can you date Merula Snyde as a girl? ›

You'll be able to choose if you want to exclusively date Merula. If you decide to say yes, you will be able to continue leveling up your relationship with her.

Who is R in Hogwarts mystery? ›

'R' is a group of dark wizards and witches. They seek the Cursed Vaults.

Is Rowan a girl in Hogwarts mystery? ›

In Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery: Rowan has no set gender or House. Their gender and House are programmed to be the same as the options the player selects for their character.

Who is the villain in Hogwarts mystery? ›

Professor Patricia Rakepick is the main antagonist in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, a prequel video game that takes place seven years before the original Harry Potter story.

What happens if you date penny in Hogwarts mystery? ›

If MC chose Penny as their date, the two went to Madam Puddifoot's together and agreed to keep their date a secret. They sat together, and Lockhart asked them questions. However, it soon turned out Lockhart was trying to use the students' stories as part of his book and then cast a Memory Charm on them.

Is it possible to lose the house cup in Hogwarts mystery? ›

You can lose House Points by failing classes or making certain dialogue choices. The house with the most points at the end of each year wins that year's House Cup!

Can you be Slytherin in Hogwarts mystery? ›

Being a member of House Slytherin won't protect you from Merula Snyde's ire; she will hate you just as much as if you belong to any other House and will still work to undermine you. Character dialogue (sadly) won't change if your character belongs to House Slytherin.

Can you become evil in Hogwarts mystery? ›

However, in Hogwarts Legacy, you can't become an actual villain. The game is designed to put the player on a path to saving the world and your character is the only one that is able to accomplish it. Your student wields the special magic that is the key to defeating the evil forces that threaten the wizarding world.

What is the most famous cheat code? ›

#1: The Konami Code

This is hands down the most famous of all cheat codes. Perhaps because it is has appeared in more than 100 games made by Konami, unlocking a different feature in each one of them. It was created by Kazuhisa Hashimoto who was developing the video game Gradius back in 1985.

Can you become head boy in Hogwarts mystery? ›

You will instantly remember that Rowan wanted to become Head Boy/Girl, and during this adventure, you will recall many joyful memories you had together. You will also get to prove you have what it takes to be Head Boy/Girl. Once you start this adventure, you will have 3 days and 23 hours to complete it.

Why did Harry not use Avada Kedavra? ›

Harry refused to sink to that level of violence because Voldemort was the epitome of evil, as was the Killing Curse, and he would not use the Unforgivable Curse that killed his parents. There was also a belief that the caster of Avada Kedavra needed the willingness to commit murder for the spell to work.

Does Harry ever use an unforgivable curse? ›

Harry makes use of two of the Unforgivable Curses in the books. Dueling with Bellatrix Lestrange, he attempts the Cruciatus curse, with limited results; Bellatrix says that he has to really hate someone to make the Unforgivable Curses work properly, righteous indignation isn't enough.

Who survived Avada Kedavra? ›

Avada Kedavra, also known as the Killing Curse, kills a person instantaneously and without injury. There is no countercurse for it, and only one person, Harry Potter, has ever survived it.

What is Merula afraid of? ›

Due to her life experiences she was insecure about herself and feared being vulnerable or alone. Their friendship allowed Merula to let go of those fears to an extent.

Do Merula and Jacob's sibling become friends? ›

At the end of their fifth year at Hogwarts, Merula and Jacob's sibling end their rivalry and becomes friends.

Is there a head girl at Hogwarts? ›

Hagrid has mentioned to Harry, in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, that Harry's father and mother were Head Boy and Head Girl while they were at Hogwarts. While there must be a Head Boy and a Head Girl in each year Harry attends Hogwarts, the only one we ever hear of is Percy.

What year can you start dating in Hogwarts mystery? ›

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery releases new romance feature

For players who have reached Year 4, the update will include a new 'Romance' tab in players' Friendship log, driven by points earned through gameplay, and you can even achieve 'relationship milestones' through side quests and activities.

Is Merula evil? ›

A strong-willed yet mean-spirited and cruel girl, Merula Snyde was a talented young witch who exemplified many of Slytherin's traits, such as cunning, determination and ambition, though also the negative stereotypes of Slytherin, such as prizing pure-blood supremacy, as well as extreme arrogance.

What happens if you pick Slytherin in Hogwarts mystery? ›

What happens if you pick Slytherin in Hogwarts Mystery? You will have a green and silver tie, dormitory next to the Potions classroom and your Head of House will be Snape. Also at some choices, you can get more prizes choosing by Slytherin values. That's about it.

Is Merula Snyde a member of R? ›

Unfortunately, you learned that Merula joined 'R' to grow more powerful. Furthermore, she is even planning to convince you to do the same.

What happens if you promise Merula? ›

After the class is over, Merula will ask you to promise to tell her if you ever open one of the Cursed Vaults. The choice is up to you, but either way, no matter what you select, she won't reveal any information until you open one of the vaults.

Is Ben evil in Hogwarts mystery? ›

Number one, Ben is like Professor Quirrell from the first novel; a.k.a he appears to be nothing but a stuttering, blubbering idiot who couldn't hurt a fly but in reality, is an evil dark wizard.

Are there black kids in Hogwarts? ›

#BlackHogwarts started trending worldwide when users shared their interpretation of JK Rowling's magical school with a more diverse cast. Across the eight Harry Potter films, the school of witchcraft and wizardry had just three black students in speaking roles.

Why is Ben evil Hogwarts mystery? ›

As a Muggle-born, he found the wizarding world new and scary. His fears made him think that he did not belong in Gryffindor.

Who kills Rowan in Hogwarts mystery? ›

Rowan aspired to become the youngest professor in Hogwarts history, but this dream was never realised as a result of their tragic murder at the hands of the Dark witch Patricia Rakepick in 1990.

Is Rowan a werewolf? ›

Rowan is a happy little boy who is a werewolf like his family in Rowley Jefferson's Awesome Friendly Spooky Stories. He is loosely based on Rowley Jefferson.

How does Hogwarts mystery end? ›

A duel then breaks out between Rakepick and the kids, with Rakepick attempting to kill Ben Copper with the Killing Curse. However, Rowan Khanna jumped in the way of the curse, sacrificing themselves so that Ben could live.

Can you date Charlie in Hogwarts mystery? ›

Charlie is a fairly popular choice for MC's love interest, however there is no indication in the game where it suggests the possible romance between the two unlike Barnaby and Penny.

Is Voldemort in Hogwarts mystery? ›

However, the form of Voldemort does appear in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery in another manner. In Year 3, players discover that their boggart (a magical creature that takes the form of whatever scares the person looking at it the most) is Voldemort.

Is Rowan the mysterious R? ›

The evidence for Rowan being R is that he (or she) goes out of his way to make sure he meets the player character at Diagon Alley. Rowan is also directly responsible for the player character being able to access the Cursed Vaults on more than one occasion, thanks to his superior intellect and research skills.

Who is the best person to date in Hogwarts mystery? ›

If your Empathy is 22 or higher, you should choose Charlie. If you have both Courage and Empathy at 22 or higher, you can pick either of them.

What is Chiara's secret Hogwarts mystery? ›

Chiara was the only child of an Arithmancer and an Obliviator. When Chiara was seven, the infamous werewolf Fenrir Greyback bit her, causing her to become a werewolf as well.

When can you kiss Hogwarts mystery? ›

This adventure is available for students of Year 5 and above, and it should unlock upon reaching Chapter 13 of Year 5.

Who broke the Hufflepuff cup? ›

Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley destroy the Hufflepuff's cup Horcrux inside the Chamber of Secrets—Hermione giving it the fatal blow with a basilisk fang.

Has Hufflepuff won the House Cup? ›

Congratulations HUFFLEPUFF, winners of the final Pottermore House Cup. Your hard work has paid off; we're sure that Helga Hufflepuff would be proud. To celebrate your victory, we have created a list of 'Famous Hufflepuffs Through The Ages'.

Who destroyed the Hufflepuff cup? ›

The cup, which was made a Horcrux with Hepzibah's death, was left with Bellatrix Lestrange who kept it at Gringotts. Griphook and an Imperiused Bogrod helped Harry, Ron and Hermione break into Bellatrix's vault and recover the Horcrux. The cup was destroyed by Hermione Granger, using a fang from the Basilisk's corpse.

Can you join all three clubs in Hogwarts Mystery? ›

Variety is the spice of life and at Hogwarts you are able to progress towards joining more than one club at a time. You will even be able to master all three with some work.

Is J.K. Rowling a Slytherin? ›

It's pretty obvious: J.K. Rowling is a Slytherin. According to the Harry Potter Wiki, a Slytherin is known to embody the following characteristics: ambition, shrewdness, cunning, strong leadership, and achievement-orientedness.

What happens if you choose Ravenclaw in Hogwarts Mystery? ›

Regardless of which house you choose, your story isn't massively altered and there's no benefit or penalty for choosing one over the other.

Where can I get free energy for Hogwarts mystery? ›

How to get free energy in Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery:
  • Castle Grounds: Tap the stick near your character. ...
  • Castle Dungeons: There's a House Elf peeping around a corridor corner, tap it and it'll run away and give you an energy.
May 9, 2018

How do you make infinite energy? ›

A perpetual motion machine needs no energy input to create new energy, unlike a conventional model such as a car engine, which needs fuel input, or a solar panel, which needs sunlight. If made possible, a perpetual motion machine could generate infinite energy.

What is the max energy in Hogwarts mystery? ›

If you achieve a new character level through everyday play, you will be gifted a full energy bar. It stacks above the limit of your energy bar. Max level is 71 as of February 14th, 2022.

How much energy does a 1 hour class take? ›

A 1-hour class takes about 28.6 energy. We receive: Actions: 74.6 gold. Activities: 11.6 PA, 18.0 SA, 71.9 gold, 0.33 gems, 0.13 energy.

How do you get 100 free energy in Hogwarts mystery? ›

By simply shutting down the game or letting it run in the background, your energy bar will slowly refill as time passes. This is the most basic way to earn energy for your game when you run out of it.

How much energy does a 8 hour class take Hogwarts mystery? ›

An eight-hour activity, however, tends to take about 20 energy per star. Since you are given a few different activity options that require different amounts of energy, try to choose the ones that will equal sets of 5 or 10 stars without going over, because the extra energy used doesn't count towards the next star.

Is creating energy Impossible? ›

Well, the first law of thermodynamics is the law of energy conservation, which states energy is always conserved. That means it cannot be created or destroyed. Instead, energy changes from one form to another.

Does 18 have infinite energy? ›

Yes, in the Tournament of Power, it is said that Android 17 and Android 18 have unlimited energy, and cannot get tired. That's why in the final fight of the tournament against Jiren, Android 17 stayed behind to fire Ki blasts at Jiren.

Can you duplicate energy? ›

So saying energy can't be created or destroyed just means you can't change the total energy of the universe, which is always at zero.

What is the point of the secret clubhouse in Hogwarts mystery? ›

The Secret Club room is a place for high-level club members across all clubs to meet, hangout and express their achievements and style with a variety of decor, creature, and even achievement rewards. Through Clubs, you will be able to unlock items that you may use to customize your Secret Club room as you desire.

Can I time skip in Hogwarts mystery? ›

Use Time Toffees to reduce or skip the duration of any eligible wait periods in game. Regular Time Toffees can skip any wait timer up to 3 hours in duration. Gold Time Toffees can skip any wait timer regardless of duration. These items are rare, but opportunities to earn them will come around.

Can you become perfect in Hogwarts mystery? ›

You can now become a Prefect in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery and here is how you can do it and gain the right to use the Prefect bathroom. Jam City is not holding back on releasing new content for Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery and the latest content added to the mobile game allows players to become House Prefects.

How many hours is 12 units? ›

In other words, a student taking 12 units is spending 12 hours in class and 24-36 hours outside of class in order to succeed. A full-time student has a full-time job just being a student.

How much does it cost to run a fridge for a year? ›

55 per day, $16.67 per month, and $200 per year. A modern-era Energy Star-rated fridge, by comparison, might only use 350 kWh annually. At the same $. 10 per kWh price, that's around $.

How many hours is a full class load? ›

Full-time course load: A 12-credit hour load is the minimum required to be classified as a full-time student and may be necessary for students to receive financial aid benefits. Taking only 12 hours per semester would require additional classes (summer, for example) for students wishing to graduate in 4 years.


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